Lightspeed has reinvented cloud, mobile, eCommerce, omnichannel, hospitality, analytics, loyalty, supply-chain and payments into a rich commerce-enabling platform and ecosystem that grows as our customers succeed. We have never stopped listening to what our customers need to be their best, and we have never rested in our goal of being ahead of the market in evolving to support their growth. Our cloud-based solutions are being used in approximately 100 countries and over 47,000 locations around the world.

Leading omnichannel commerce platform

Lightspeed’s comprehensive, easy-to-use technology enables small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to run their operations on a single platform. The platform is simple to use and highly scalable, encompassing complete end-to-end capabilities around the front-end consumer experience, back-end operations management, and payment processing. It is suited to complex SMB operations across diverse industries, moving them from multiple operating challenges to one solution at an affordable monthly cost.

Massive addressable global market

According to AMI Partners, there are approximately 226 million small and medium size businesses (SMBs) around the world, which has generated an estimated $59 trillion of revenue in 2018. This includes 47 million retailers and restaurants, Lightspeed’s target market.

Attractive, loyal and growing customer base

Lightspeed’s customer base is highly diverse in terms of geography, products and services offered. No one customer makes up greater than 1% of our revenue, and 35% of our revenue originates from outside North America. We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers have generated an average of more than 20% revenue growth in their first full year on our platform, generating strong loyalty and a positive net dollar retention rate. We will continue to invest in marketing strategies tailored to attract new businesses to our platform.

Strong recent business growth

Lightspeed has grown rapidly in recent years as we added new customers and expanded our base of solutions. Customer GTV processed on our platform has grown at a compound rate of 48% since fiscal 2016, while revenue has grown at a compound rate of 36% in the same period. GTV was $13.6 billion for the 12 months ended December 31, 2018, while revenue was $71.9 million.


Organic growth through new customer solutions

We strive to continue adding new customer solutions and modules to our platform over time, including data-driven solutions, that will enable us to deepen relationships with existing customers and add new ones. We expect customers to adapt additional modules over time as their businesses grow, driving further incremental revenue for Lightspeed.

Payments growth opportunity

Lightspeed Payments, our payment processing solution, was rolled out in early 2019. This solution is fully-integrated with our platform and majorly enhanced our product offering. Lightspeed Payments enables us to monetize a greater portion of customer GTV passing through our platform, creating a significant revenue growth opportunity.

Attractive external growth strategy

Our team has a strong track record of building value from acquisitions, having successfully acquired and integrated five companies. We are well positioned to identify and capitalize on further opportunities that would enable us to expand our customer base, enhance our technologies, and allow us to enter new countries and verticals.

Strong and highly motivated leadership team

CEO Dax Dasilva is a leading Canadian entrepreneur. He founded Lightspeed in 2005 and remains deeply involved in its corporate direction, vision, culture and product development. Dax is supported by a highly experienced management team and Board of Directors that also hold substantial share ownership positions and are highly incentivized to pilot Lightspeed to further success.