Q4 Inc. was founded in 2006 with the goal of improving the effectiveness of investor relations through innovative, forward-thinking website solutions. Knowing the positive effect a sophisticated web presence would have on investor sentiment and value creation, the Q4 team designed an alternative approach to IR websites that put storytelling first and emphasized intuitive corporate reporting. By building a better, more dynamic platform, companies were now able to deploy what we call “websites without compromise”.

As our client base expanded, so too has our product offering. Over the years, we’ve carefully curated a suite of Q4 products in order to make it easier for our clients to integrate and optimize their technology mosaic — while looking for opportunities to continue to push the boundaries of investor relations through disruptive technology.

In 2015, Q4 acquired Oxford Intelligence Partners, a company that specialized in capital markets intelligence and customized analytics to IR professionals. With the addition of capital market intelligence as a core offering, Q4 now provides our clients both dynamic outbound channels to the marketplace and a unique inbound channel that delivers critical capital markets intelligence and customized analytics. As a result, our clients enjoy the industry’s first, fully­ integrated investor relations platform, which integrates communications tools, surveillance and analytics into a fully featured IR workflow and CRM application.

In October 2016, Q4 acquired Euroinvestor IR Solutions (Q4 Euroinvestor), Europe’s leading IR quote, charting and news provider. The platform, which supports 45 European stock exchanges in 21 languages, will be used by Q4 to expand the coverage available in its market leading investor website product and the new Q4 Desktop product-- the IR industry’s first, fully-integrated investor relations desktop, which integrates communications tools, surveillance and analytics into a fully featured IR workflow and CRM applications.

Q4 has been helping hundreds of global companies communicate their stories and strengthen their brand within the investment industry for over a decade. We’re proud of where we came from, and where we're going — and we will continue to push the limits and innovate the investor relations marketplace.