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Our commerce platform transforms and unifies digital and physical operations by enabling multichannel sales, expansion to new locations, global payments, financial solutions and connections to supplier networks.

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Lightspeed by the numbers


LTM Revenue


Countries worldwide


YoY revenue growth in Q3'2024


GPV as a percentage of GTV in Q3'2024


LTM Gross transaction value (GTV)


ARPU per location(2)


Recurring or reoccuring subscription and transaction-based revenue in Q3’2024


Gross payment volume in Q3'2024(3)

All dollar figures are presented in US dollars and as of December 31, 2023



Customer breakdown(1)

37% 63%
51% 49%
North America
Europe and Rest of World

Customer location count and industry distribution is approximate as of December 31, 2023 and excludes the impact from Ecwid.

(1) Customer Locations as at December 31, 2023 and excludes Customer Locations attributable to the Ecwid eCommerce standalone product. Customer Locations means a billing merchant location for which the term of services have not ended, or with which we are negotiating a renewal contract, and, in the case of NuORDER, a brand with a direct or indirect paid subscription for which the terms of services have not ended or in respect of which we are negotiating a subscription renewal. A single unique customer can have multiple Customer Locations including physical and eCommerce sites and in the case of NuORDER, multiple subscriptions.
(2) ARPU as at December 31, 2023 and excludes customer locations attributable to the Ecwid eCommerce standalone product, which generally carry a lower ARPU.
(3) This is a Key Performance Indicator. Refer to the section entitled “Key Performance Indicators” within Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operation for the Three and Nine Months Ended December 31, 2023 available on SEDAR at and on EDGAR at for the definition.